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  • Sharp’ Mini Pig Food
  • A  custom design for Miniature pigs.
  • ​ All natural ingredients.
  • Designed to be a complete feed for today’s pet pigs.
  • Choose How many Kilos you need and how often

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About Our Food

Sharp’s Mini-Pig’s delicious food was created for Mini-Pigs, by Mini-Pig lovers. Our team has put a lot of thought and care into crafting a truly exceptional food for your pet pig. We encourage you to read more about our ingredients below, as well as how our automatic delivery service gets our food to your doorstep.​

High Quality Proteins – Steamed Oats our first ingredient.

No Fillers, Corn, Soy or Other Byproducts – Just the good stuff.

No GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms

Great for All Life Stages – Stick with one great food, no matter your pigs’ breed or activity level. Sharp’s Mini-Pig food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AMPA food nutrient profiles for all life stages.

Delicious Taste & Smell – pigs absolutely love our food, even the picky ones!

Rich with Vitamins & Minerals – Everything your pig needs in a complete and balanced formula.

Exceptional Ingredients – Read more about every item in our pig food below.

Made in the USA           For More information:

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Weight .12 kg
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Mini Pig Food

20 Kilos, 10 Kilos, 1 Bag (4.5 Kilos), Free Sample +(Shipping) 1 Per Customer

1 review for SHARP’S MINI-PIG FOOD

  1. Jacqueline Joorisity (verified owner)

    If you have not been feeding your pig Sharp’s you need to now! I have had my pig on this food for 2 years and it has made a world of difference in his skin, eyes and coat. It maybe more expensive then the alternative but it is worth it. The best thing is now if you buy it you are supporting a Canadian! It is always great to support local….. I promise you once you buy this food you will be willing to give up your daily coffee so your pig is healthier!

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Feeding Instruction:
  • For growing babies and for maintenance of more active adult animals(up to 1 1/2 years of age) regulate feed to a level which maintains IDEAL body condition without putting on excess fat (recommend 1-1.5% of IDEAL body wt.)
  • For maintenance of more active, young adult animals (up to 1 ½ years of age), regulate feed to a level which maintains IDEAL body Condition without putting on excess fat. (Recommend around 1-1.5% of body wt.)
  • For maintenance of medium to low active adults, regulate feed to a level which maintains IDEAL body condition with-out putting on excess fat. (recommend .5-1% of ideal body wt.)
  • In addition- as part of the diet, moderate amount chopped vegetables daily can be added. Limit fruit intake as it will cause weight gain and blood sugar spikes. Always have fresh water available.
  • Adjust the feed amount based on your pig’s appearance and TOTAL calorie intake. ALL adjustments need to be made small and gradual.
  • Each pig has its own dietary needs, metabolisms vary from pig to pig. The level of feed intake a pig needs depends on many factors some of which include: age, activity level, environmental temperatures, other foods your pig is eating, physical body condition.
  • Mix Sharp’s Mini Pig Food at a rate of 25% Sharps to 75% other gradually increasing Sharp’s decreasing other over 3-5 days. Please remember this is just a guideline Feel free to contact us for individual consultation
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